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Public transportation in the Commonwealth has become a reality this past year with the opening of the first fixed-route service. We are extremely grateful for the diligence of the Commonwealth Office of Transit Authority as they move towards implementing additional phases to serve more villages in our community.

This past year has shown the agency’s amazing resilience and dedication towards relief efforts and recovery and more importantly, the positive impact of basic transportation during the islands’ dire time of need. With this, we anticipate even greater success and opportunities within our community.

As we continue to build upon our current progress, we thank the community for its patience along the way.

Maratita, Alfreda Camacho

Message from the Special Assistant for
Public Transportation

As we get ready to receive 2020 in the CNMI, there is much to celebrate and be proud of in 2019 for the Commonwealth Office of Transit Authority (COTA) under the Office of the Governor.  Our work continues to piece together a full fledged public transportation system for the CNMI making 2019 definitely a year of projects, partnership, and progress. Particularly so, I am pleased to share that the Transit Authority launched Saipan’s first ever fixed route public transportation system this year. It is through the hard work of the Transit Authority’s Administrative Management and Operations team, partner government agencies, CPTAB members, and our CNMI community that made this launch a success. 

Another project success for the Transit Authority is the recent competitive federal grant award from the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) under the US Department of Transportation for 6.38 million dollars which will find COTA’s administrative and maintenance facility, 37 prefabricated solar powered bus shelters, and 12 ADA compliant buses for Saipan’s fixed route service. 

The Transit Authority completed the A&E Design Services for the Administrative Building and Maintenance Facility and has completed the solicitation for construction services for the building which will be located at Lower Base, Saipan. 

In addition, COTA has completed the construction phase of bus stops for the Route 1A and 1B of the fixed route public transportation system.  This progress proves our commitment to expand the transit services on the island of Saipan so we can focus on expanding the para-transit services on the islands of Tinian and Rota in the near future. 

As you can tell there is no shortage of projects and challenges the Transit Authority is willing to take on. We are committed to progress, cutting-edge thinking and the use of new technology. 

Thank you Governor Ralph DLG. Torres and Lt. Governor Arnold I. Palacios, for the unending support and vision to bring a full fledged public transportation system to life in the CNMI. Thank you to the House and Senate Leadership for their time meeting with us this year and supporting the importance of public transportation for our community.  We thank our partner agencies, NGO’s, our CPTAB members, and our community as a whole for your patience and support. 

Thank you to our hard working team at the Transit Authority.  It is because of your commitment and continuous drive that COTA’s successes this year is realized for our whole community so see and benefit from.  We cannot thank our clients enough for putting their trust in us to get them to work, play, and what matters in their lives.  It is an extraordinary time for us as we prepare to ground break the construction of COTA’s Administrative and Maintenance Facility and the launch of more fixed routes in 2020!

Yours in Transit, 

Maratita, Alfreda Camacho
Special Assistant for Public Transportation

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