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Special Assistant for Public Transportation

Special assistant for public transportation

Maratita, Alfreda Camacho

Management Team

Administrative Officer

Magofna, Amalia M.

Financial Coordinator

Agulto, Maegan S.

Mobility Coordinator

Muna, Justin R.

Operation & Maintenance Coordinator

Bell, Ernie

Safety Officer

Cabrera, Merrick Y.

Section Leads

Section Lead

Basa, Jordan N.

section lead

Laniyo, Michael Q.

section lead

Maratita, Rufino Jr. N.

section lead

Tasi, Uitime L.

transit Information Specialists

Transit Information Specialist

Torres, Vincent

Transit information Specialist

Mendiola, Marc

transit information Specialist

Indalecio, Gerard R

transit information specialist

Demapan, John Jr. DLG.

transit information specialist

Dela Cruz, Brandon

transit Operators

Administrative Assistant

Administrative assistant

Agulto, Christiana

Administrative assistant

Saralu, Preston L.

Marketing Specialist

Marketing Specialist

Borja, Craig Q

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